Meaning of OPERATOR in English



Pronunciation: ' ä-p ə - ˌ r ā -t ə r, ' ä- ˌ pr ā -

Function: noun

Date: 1611

1 : one that operates: as a : one that operates a machine or device b : one that operates a business c : one that performs surgical operations d : one that deals in stocks or commodities

2 a : MOUNTEBANK , FRAUD b : a shrewd and skillful person who knows how to circumvent restrictions or difficulties

3 a : something and especially a symbol that denotes or performs a mathematical or logical operation b : a mathematical function

4 : a binding site in a DNA chain at which a genetic repressor binds to inhibit the initiation of transcription of messenger RNA by one or more nearby structural genes ― called also operator gene ― compare OPERON

– op · er · a · tor · less adjective

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