Meaning of OPERATOR in English

I. ˈäpəˌrād.ə(r), -ātə- sometimes ˈäˌprā- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Late Latin, worker, from Latin operatus + -or

1. : one that produces a physical effect or engages himself in the mechanical aspect of any process or activity: as

a. : one (as an operative surgeon or dentist) that performs surgical operations


(1) : a worker who operates a usually specified machine or device as his regular trade

loom operators

broadly : one that uses or operates a machine or device professionally or otherwise — sometimes used to distinguish the user of fixed devices from the driver of automotive devices

(2) : driver 1b

operators of motor vehicles

c. : a person in charge of a telephone switchboard, connecting and disconnecting the lines and routing calls ; also : a supervisor of such persons

d. : a person who transmits or receives telegraphic or radio messages or who operates electronic communications equipment (as radar or computer installation)


a. obsolete : maker , creator


(1) obsolete : a maker of quack medicines or of shoddy or fraudulent articles ; broadly : mountebank , fraud

(2) : a shrewd and skillful person who knows how to evade or circumvent restrictions, controls, or difficulty : one that is smooth and highly expert in some line



(1) : a dealer or speculator in stocks or commodities

(2) : a person who regularly or professionally engages in some usually financial activity especially on a large scale

an important operator around the gambling houses

b. : a person that actively operates a business (as a mine, a farm, or a store) whether as owner, lessor, or employee


a. : a mathematical symbol denoting an operation to be performed

(d/dx) is the differentiating operator

b. : something that performs a logical operation or forms a symbol denoting such an operation (as a quantifier or a sentential connective)

c. : function word

a preposition, auxiliary, or conjunction is an operator

5. : hypnotist

II. noun

or operator gene

: a binding site in a DNA chain at which a genetic repressor binds to inhibit the initiation of transcription of messenger RNA by one or more nearby structural genes — compare operon herein

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