Meaning of REFERENCE in English


Pronunciation: ' re-f ə rn(t)s, ' re-f( ə -)r ə n(t)s

Function: noun

Date: 1589

1 : the act of referring or consulting

2 : a bearing on a matter : RELATION <in reference to your recent letter>

3 : something that refers: as a : ALLUSION , MENTION b : something (as a sign or indication) that refers a reader or consulter to another source of information (as a book or passage) c : consultation of sources of information

4 : one referred to or consulted: as a : a person to whom inquiries as to character or ability can be made b : a statement of the qualifications of a person seeking employment or appointment given by someone familiar with the person c (1) : a source of information (as a book or passage) to which a reader or consulter is referred (2) : a work (as a dictionary or encyclopedia) containing useful facts or information d : DENOTATION , MEANING

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