Meaning of REFERENCE in English

I. ˈrefərn(t)s, -f(ə)rən- noun

( -s )

Etymology: refer + -ence

1. : the act of referring

reference to a map will make the position clear

or consulting

reference to an almanac

items arranged alphabetically for ease of reference

a manual designed for ready reference

the report was filed for future reference

2. : the act of referring a matter in dispute to a referee

3. : the capability or character of alluding to or bearing on or directing attention to something : relation , respect

with reference to his suggestion

in reference to your letter of the 14th

4. : something that refers to something else: as

a. : allusion , mention

omitted all reference to his prison record

the play is full of references to contemporary events

b. : a specific direction of the attention : a sign or indication referring a reader to another passage or book

a list of references is appended

c. : consultation of sources of information

books more suitable for reference than for reading

volumes for ready reference

d. : tab 1a(4)

5. : one that is referred to or consulted: as

a. : a person of whom inquiries can be made as to the character or capacity of another

b. : a written statement of the qualifications of a person seeking employment or appointment given by his previous employer or by someone familiar with his character, ability, experience, or training : recommendation

three references must accompany each application

c. : a book or a passage in a work to which a reader is referred

d. : denotation , meaning

6. : the direction of others' attention or behavior to one's self

delusions of reference

— see ideas of reference

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

1. : to supply with references

the work is fully referenced

2. : to put in a form (as a table, list) adapted to easy reference

III. adjective

: used or usable for reference : taken or laid down as standard for measuring, reckoning, or constructing

reference point

reference plane

specifically : of known potency and used as a standard in the biological assay of a sample of the same drug of unknown strength

IV. noun

: reference book 1

V. transitive verb

: to refer to

a variable in a computer program references a location in memory

also : to cite as a reference

a frequently referenced study

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