Meaning of ABATE in English


[abate] vb abat.ed ; [ME, fr. OF abattre to beat down--more at rebate] vt (13c) 1 a: to put an end to "~ a nuisance" b: nullify "~ a writ"

2. a: to reduce in degree or intensity: moderate b: to reduce in value or amount: make less esp. by way of relief "~ a tax"

3: deduct, omit "~ part of the price"

4. a: to beat down or cut away so as to leave a figure in relief b obs: blunt

5: deprive ~ vi 1: to decrease in force or intensity

2. a: to become defeated or become null or void b: to decrease in amount or value -- n syn abate, subside, wane, ebb mean to die down in force or intensity. abate stresses the idea of progressive diminishing "the storm abated". subside implies the ceasing of turbulence or agitation "the protests subsided after a few days". wane suggests the fading or weakening of something good or impressive "waning enthusiasm". ebb suggests the receding of something (as the tide) that commonly comes and goes "the ebbing of daylight". syn see in addition decrease

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