Meaning of BARREL in English


[bar.rel] n [ME barel, fr. MF baril] (14c) 1: a round bulging vessel of greater length than breadth that is usu. made of staves bound with hoops and has flat ends of equal diameter

2. a: the amount contained in a barrel; esp: the amount (as 31 gal. of fermented beverage or 42 gal. of petroleum) fixed for a certain commodity used as a unit of measure b: a great quantity

3: a drum or cylindrical part: as a: the discharging tube of a gun b: the cylindrical metal box enclosing the mainspring of a timepiece c: the part of a fountain pen or of a pencil containing the ink or lead d: a cylindrical or tapering housing containing the optical components of a photographic-lens system and the iris diaphragm e: tumbling barrel f: the fuel outlet from the carburetor on a gasoline engine

4: the trunk of a quadruped -- bar.reled adj -- on the barrel : asking for or granting no credit -- over a barrel : at a disadvantage: in an awkward position

[2]barrel vb -reled or -relled ; or -rel.ling vt (15c): to put or pack in a barrel ~ vi: to move at a high speed or without hesitation

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