Meaning of CORNER in English


[cor.ner] n [ME, fr. OF cornere, fr. corne horn, corner] (13c) 1 a: the point where converging lines, edges, or sides meet: angle b: the place of intersection of two streets or roads c: a piece designed to form, mark, or protect a corner

2: the angular part or space between meeting lines, edges, or borders near the vertex of the angle "the southwest ~ of the state" "the ~s of the tablecloth": as a: the area of a playing field or court near the intersection of the sideline and the goal line or baseline b (1): either of the four angles of a boxing ring; esp: the area in which a boxer rests or is worked on by his seconds during periods between rounds (2): a group of supporters, well-wishers, or adherents associated esp. with a contestant c: the side of home plate nearest to or farthest from a batter "a fast ball over the outside ~" d: corner kick e (1): the outside of a football formation (2): cornerback 3 a: a private, secret, or remote place "a quiet ~ of New England" "to every ~ of the earth" "dark ~s of the mind" b: a difficult or embarrassing situation: a position from which escape or retreat is difficult or impossible "was backed into a ~"

4: control or ownership of enough of the available supply of a commodity or security esp. to permit manipulation of the price

5: a point at which significant change occurs--often used in the phrase turn the corner -- cor.nered adj -- around the corner : at hand: imminent "good times are just around the corner"

[2]corner adj (13c) 1: situated at a corner "the ~ drugstore"

2: used or fitted for use in or on a corner "a ~ table" [3]corner vt (1824) 1 a: to drive into a corner "the animal is dangerous when ~ed" b: to catch and hold the attention of esp. to force an interview

2: to get a corner on "~ the market" ~ vi 1: to meet or converge at a corner or angle

2: to turn a corner "the car ~s well"

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