Meaning of CORNER in English


n. & v.


1. a place where converging sides or edges meet.

2 a projecting angle, esp. where two streets meet.

3 the internal space or recess formed by the meeting of two sides, esp. of a room.

4 a difficult position, esp. one from which there is no escape (driven into a corner).

5 a secluded or remote place.

6 a region or quarter, esp. a remote one (from the four corners of the earth).

7 the action or result of buying or controlling the whole available stock of a commodity, thereby dominating the market.

8 Boxing & Wrestling a an angle of the ring, esp. one where a contestant rests between rounds. b a contestant's supporters offering assistance at the corner between rounds.

9 Football & Hockey a free kick or hit from a corner of the pitch after the ball has been kicked over the goal-line by a defending player.

10 a triangular cut of gammon or ham.


1. tr. force (a person or animal) into a difficult or inescapable position.

2 tr. a establish a corner in (a commodity). b dominate (dealers or the market) in this way.

3 intr. (esp. of or in a vehicle) go round a corner.

Phrases and idioms:

corner shop a small local shop, esp. at a street corner. just round (or around) the corner colloq. very near, imminent.

Etymology: ME f. AF ult. f. L cornu horn

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