Meaning of CREST in English


[crest] n [ME creste, fr. MF, fr. L crista; prob. akin to L crinis hair] (14c) 1 a: a showy tuft or process on the head of an animal and esp. a bird--see bird illustration b: the plume or identifying emblem worn on a knight's helmet; also: the top of a helmet c (1): a heraldic representation of the crest (2): a heraldic device depicted above the escutcheon but not upon a helmet (3): coat of arms 2a d: a ridge or prominence on a part of an animal body

2: something suggesting a crest esp. in being an upper prominence, edge, or limit: as a: peak; esp: the top line of a mountain or hill b: the ridge of a roof c: the top of a wave 3 a: a high point of an action or process and esp. of one that is rhythmic b: climax, culmination "at the ~ of his fame" -- adj -- crest.less adj

[2]crest vt (15c) 1: to furnish with a crest; also: crown

2: to reach the crest of "~ed the hill and looked around" ~ vi: to rise to a crest "waves ~ing in the storm"

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