Meaning of CREST in English


n. & v.


1. a a comb or tuft of feathers, fur, etc. on a bird's or animal's head. b something resembling this, esp. a plume of feathers on a helmet. c a helmet; the top of a helmet.

2 the top of something, esp. of a mountain, wave, roof, etc.

3 Heraldry a a device above the shield and helmet of a coat of arms. b such a device reproduced on writing paper or on a seal, signifying a family.

4 a a line along the top of the neck of some animals. b the hair growing from this; a mane.

5 Anat. a ridge along the surface of a bone.


1. tr. reach the crest of (a hill, wave, etc.).

2 tr. a provide with a crest. b serve as a crest to.

3 intr. (of a wave) form into a crest.

Phrases and idioms:

on the crest of a wave at the most favourable moment in one's progress.


crested adj. (also in comb.). crestless adj.

Etymology: ME f. OF creste f. L crista tuft

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