Meaning of DUST in English

[dust] n [ME, fr. OE dust; akin to OHG tunst storm, and prob. to L fumus smoke--more at fume] (bef. 12c) 1: fine particles of matter (as of earth)

2: the particles into which something disintegrates 3 a: something worthless b: a state of humiliation

4. a: the earth esp. as a place of burial b: the surface of the ground

5. a: a cloud of dust b: confusion, disturbance

6. archaic: a single particle (as of earth)

7. Brit: refuse ready for collection -- dust.less adj -- dust.like adj

[2]dust vt (1530) 1 archaic: to make dusty

2: to make free of dust 3 a: to sprinkle with fine particles b: to sprinkle in the form of dust ~ vi 1 of a bird: to work dust into the feathers

2: to remove dust

3: to give off dust

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