Meaning of RECIPROCAL in English

[] adj [L reciprocus returning the same way, alternating] (1570) 1 a: inversely related: opposite b: of, constituting, or resulting from paired crosses in which the kind that supplies the male parent of the first cross supplies the female parent of the second cross and vice versa

2: shared, felt, or shown by both sides

3: serving to reciprocate: consisting of or functioning as a return in kind "the ~ devastation of nuclear war"

4. a: mutually corresponding "agreed to extend ~ privileges to each other's citizens" b: marked by or based on reciprocity "~ trade agreements" -- adv

[2]reciprocal n (1570) 1: something in a reciprocal relationship to another

2: either of a pair of numbers (as 2/3 and 3/2 or

9. and 1/9) whose product is one; broadly: multiplicative inverse

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