Meaning of TAB in English


[tab] n, often attrib [origin unknown] (1607) 1 a: a short projecting device: as (1): a small flap or loop by which something may be grasped or pulled (2): a projection from a card used as an aid in filing b: a small insert, addition, or remnant c: appendage, extension; esp: one of a series of small pendants forming a decorative border or edge of a garment d: a small auxiliary airfoil hinged to a control surface (as a trailing edge) to help stabilize an airplane in flight--see airplane illustration

2. [partly short for [1]table; partly fr. sense 1] a: close surveillance: watch "keep ~s on trends" b: a creditor's statement: bill, check c: cost "the ~ for the new program" 3 [by shortening] a: tabloid b: tablet

4. [short for tabulator]: a device (as on a typewriter) for arranging data in columns

[2]tab vt tabbed ; (1872) 1: to furnish or ornament with tabs

2: to single out: designate

3: tabulate

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