Meaning of VICE in English

[vice] n [ME, fr. OF, fr. L vitium fault, vice] (14c) 1 a: moral depravity or corruption: wickedness b: a moral fault or failing c: a habitual and usu. trivial defect or shortcoming: foible "suffered from the ~ of curiosity"

2: blemish, defect

3: a physical imperfection, deformity, or taint

4. a often cap: a character representing one of the vices in an English morality play b: buffoon, jester

5: an abnormal behavior pattern in a domestic animal detrimental to its health or usefulness

6: sexual immorality; esp: prostitution syn see fault, offense

[2]vice chiefly Brit var of vise [3]vice prep [L, abl. of vicis change, alternation, stead--more at week] (1770): in the place of "I will preside, ~ the absent chairman"; also: rather than

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