Meaning of VICE in English

vice 1

/vuys/ , n.

1. an immoral or evil habit or practice.

2. immoral conduct; depraved or degrading behavior: a life of vice.

3. sexual immorality, esp. prostitution.

4. a particular form of depravity.

5. a fault, defect, or shortcoming: a minor vice in his literary style.

6. a physical defect, flaw, or infirmity: a constitutional vice.

7. a bad habit, as in a horse.

8. ( cap. ) a character in the English morality plays, a personification of general vice or of a particular vice, serving as the buffoon.

[ 1250-1300; ME vitium a fault, defect, vice ]

Syn. 1. See fault. 2. depravity, sin, iniquity, wickedness, corruption. 5. blemish.

Ant. 1, 2. virtue.

vice 2

/vuys/ , n. , v.t. , viced, vicing .


vice 3

/vuy"see, -seuh, vuys/ , prep.

instead of; in the place of.

[ 1760-70; vicis (gen.; not attested in nom.) interchange, alternation ]

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