Meaning of RUIN in English


I. ˈrü-ən, -ˌin; ˈrün noun

Etymology: Middle English ruine, from Anglo-French, from Latin ruina, from ruere to rush headlong, fall, collapse

Date: 12th century


a. archaic : a falling down : collapse

from age to age…the crash of ruin fitfully resounds — William Wordsworth

b. : physical, moral, economic, or social collapse


a. : the state of being ruined — archaic except in plural

the city lay in ruin s

b. : the remains of something destroyed — usually used in plural

the ruin s of an ancient temple

the ruin s of his life

3. : a cause of destruction


a. : the action of destroying, laying waste, or wrecking

b. : damage , injury

5. : a ruined building, person, or object

• ru·in·ate ˈrü-ə-ˌnāt, -nət adjective

• ruinate -ˌnāt transitive verb

II. verb

Date: 1585

transitive verb

1. : to reduce to ruins : devastate


a. : to damage irreparably

b. : bankrupt , impoverish

ruin ed by stock speculation

3. : to subject to frustration, failure, or disaster

will ruin your chances of promotion

intransitive verb

: to become ruined

• ru·in·er noun

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