Meaning of RUIN in English


/ ˈruːɪn; NAmE / verb , noun

■ verb [ vn ]


to damage sth so badly that it loses all its value, pleasure, etc.; to spoil sth

SYN wreck :

The bad weather ruined our trip.

That one mistake ruined his chances of getting the job.

My new shoes got ruined in the mud.


to make sb/sth lose all their money, their position, etc. :

If she loses the court case it will ruin her.

The country was ruined by the war.

■ noun


[ U ] the state or process of being destroyed or severely damaged :

A large number of churches fell into ruin after the revolution.


[ U ] the fact of having no money, of having lost your job, position, etc. :

The divorce ultimately led to his ruin.

The bank stepped in to save the company from financial ruin .


[ sing. ] something that causes a person, company, etc. to lose all their money, job, position, etc.

SYN downfall :

Gambling was his ruin.


[ C ] (also ruins [ pl. ]) the parts of a building that remain after it has been destroyed or severely damaged :

The old mill is now little more than a ruin.

We visited the ruins of a Norman castle.

( figurative )

He was determined to build a new life out of the ruins of his career.


- in ruins

—more at rack noun



Middle English (in the sense collapse of a building ): from Old French ruine , from Latin ruina , from ruere to fall.

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