Meaning of RUIN in English


n. & v.


1. a destroyed or wrecked state.

2 a person's or thing's downfall or elimination (the ruin of my hopes).

3 a the complete loss of one's property or position (bring to ruin). b a person who has suffered ruin.

4 (in sing. or pl.) the remains of a building etc. that has suffered ruin (an old ruin; ancient ruins).

5 a cause of ruin (will be the ruin of us).


1. tr. a bring to ruin (your extravagance has ruined me). b utterly impair or wreck (the rain ruined my hat).

2 tr. (esp. as ruined adj.) reduce to ruins.

3 intr. poet. fall headlong or with a crash.

Phrases and idioms:

in ruins

1. in a state of ruin.

2 completely wrecked (their hopes were in ruins).

Etymology: ME f. OF ruine f. L ruina f. ruere fall

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