Meaning of BABY in English


/ ˈbeɪbi; NAmE / noun , adjective , verb

■ noun ( pl. -ies )


a very young child or animal :

The baby's crying!

a newborn baby

My sister's expecting a baby .

She had a baby last year.

a baby boy / girl

baby food / clothes

a baby monkey / blackbird


( informal ) the youngest member of a family or group :

He's the baby of the team.


( disapproving ) a person who behaves like a young child and is easily upset :

Stop crying and don't be such a baby.


( slang , especially NAmE ) a word used to address sb, especially your wife, husband or lover, in a way that expresses affection but that can be offensive if used by a man to a woman he does not know


- be your / sb's baby

- leave sb holding the baby

- throw the baby out with the bathwater

—more at candy , sleep verb

■ adjective

[ only before noun ] baby vegetables are a very small version of particular vegetables, or are picked when they are very small :

baby carrots

■ verb

( ba·bies , baby·ing , ba·bied , ba·bied ) [ vn ] to treat sb with too much care, as if they were a baby



late Middle English : probably imitative of an infant's first attempts at speech.

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