Meaning of BABY in English


I. ˈbābē, -bi noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English babie — more at babble



(1) : an extremely young child ; especially : one that is still in arms : infant

(2) : the young of an animal

of the nation's 640 full species of breeding birds, 170 raise their babies … along the Mexican border — W.F.Heald

a baby lamb

b. : the youngest member of a group, especially of a family

the baby of the family

the baby member of the Eisenhower subcabinet — Drew Pearson

c. slang : something that is one's personal responsibility, achievement, or interest

though other … detectives have helped out, the case is really the bomb squad's baby — Joseph Carter


a. obsolete : doll

b. archaic : a diminutive reflection of oneself in the pupil of another's eye — used chiefly in the phrase to look babies in (another's) eyes

3. : one that is like a baby in character or conduct ; especially : one that is petulant, dependent on another, or unable to endure even mild pain or deprivation

4. slang

a. : girl , woman — often used in address

b. : boy , man — often used in address

5. slang : person , thing

this chap … is a tough baby — D.G.Gerahty

the young airman had sent a picture of the plane … with the notation, “This is the baby I'm going to fly” — Springfield (Massachusetts) Daily News

II. adjective

( -er/-est )

1. : of or relating to a baby

2. : much smaller in size that is usual for a particular class of things : small , diminutive

the Depot Commander had set forth in the babiest of baby cars — Blackwood's

a baby extension ladder — Training Manual for Auxiliary Firemen

baby pine trees

III. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-es )


a. : to tend solicitously : make much of : gratify the whims of : humor

babied her strapping big son till he was thoroughly spoiled

baby a sick husband

b. : to operate, handle, or treat with special or fond care

baby the engine of a racing car

windows, behind any one of which a German sniper might be hiding, babying his rifle — Irwin Shaw

2. : to hit (a ball) with a gentle stroke of the bat or racket (as in badminton)

Synonyms: see indulge

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