Meaning of LANE in English


/ leɪn; NAmE / noun


a narrow road in the country :

winding country lanes

We drove along a muddy lane to reach the farmhouse.

—see also memory lane


(especially in place names) a street, often a narrow one with buildings on both sides :

The quickest way is through the back lanes behind the bus station.

Park Lane


a section of a wide road, that is marked by painted white lines, to keep lines of traffic separate :

the inside / middle lane

the northbound / southbound lane

to change lanes

She signalled and pulled over into the slow lane.

a four-lane highway

—see also bus lane , cycle lane , fast lane , outside lane , passing lane


a narrow marked section of a track or a swimming pool that is used by one person taking part in a race :

The Australian in lane four is coming up fast from behind.

—picture at hurdling


a route used by ships or aircraft on regular journeys :

one of the world's busiest shipping / sea lanes


see fast lane



Old English , related to Dutch laan ; of unknown ultimate origin.

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