Meaning of MARGIN in English

/ ˈmɑːdʒɪn; NAmE ˈmɑːrdʒən/ noun [ C ]


the empty space at the side of a written or printed page :

the left-hand / right-hand margin

a narrow / wide margin

notes scribbled in the margin


[ usually sing. ] the amount of time, or number of votes, etc. by which sb wins sth :

He won by a narrow margin .

She beat the other runners by a margin of ten seconds.


( business ) = profit margin :

What are your average operating margins?

a gross margin of 45%


[ usually sing. ] an extra amount of sth such as time, space, money, etc. that you include in order to make sure that sth is successful :

a safety margin

The narrow gateway left me little margin for error as I reversed the car.

—see also margin of error


( formal ) the extreme edge or limit of a place :

the eastern margin of the Indian Ocean


[ usually pl. ] the part that is not included in the main part of a group or situation

SYN fringe :

people living on the margins of society


( AustralE , NZE ) an amount that is added to a basic wage, paid for special skill or responsibility



late Middle English : from Latin margo , margin- edge.

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