Meaning of MARGIN in English

n. & v.


1. the edge or border of a surface.

2 a the blank border on each side of the print on a page etc. b a line ruled esp. on exercise paper, marking off a margin.

3 an amount (of time, money, etc.) by which a thing exceeds, falls short, etc. (won by a narrow margin; a margin of profit).

4 the lower limit of possibility, success, etc. (his effort fell below the margin).

5 Austral. an increment to a basic wage, paid for skill.

6 a sum deposited with a stockbroker to cover the risk of loss on a transaction on account. (margined, margining) provide with a margin or marginal notes.

Phrases and idioms:

margin of error a usu. small difference allowed for miscalculation, change of circumstances, etc. margin release a device on a typewriter allowing a word to be typed beyond the margin normally set.

Etymology: ME f. L margo -ginis

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