Meaning of PINE in English

/ paɪn; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ C , U ] (also ˈpine tree ) a tall forest tree with leaves like needles. Pine trees are evergreen and grow in cool northern countries :

pine forests

pine needles

a Scots pine


(also pine·wood ) [ U ] the pale soft wood of the pine tree, used in making furniture, etc. :

a pine table

■ verb

[ v ] to become very sad because sb has died or gone away :

She pined for months after he'd gone.


- pine away

- pine for sb/sth



noun Old English , from Latin pinus , reinforced in Middle English by Old French pin .

verb Old English pīnian (cause to) suffer , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch pijnen , German peinen experience pain, also to obsolete pine punishment ; ultimately based on Latin poena punishment.

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