Meaning of PINE in English

1. n.1 any evergreen tree of the genus Pinus native to northern temperate regions, with needle-shaped leaves growing in clusters.

2 the soft timber of this, often used to make furniture. Also called DEAL(2).

3 (attrib.) made of pine.


Phrases and idioms:

pine cone the cone-shaped fruit of the pine tree. pine marten a weasel-like mammal, Martes martes, native to Europe and America, with a dark brown coat and white throat and stomach. pine nut the edible seed of various pine trees.


pinery n. (pl. -ies).

Etymology: ME f. OE pin & OF pin f. L pinus 2. v.intr.

1. (often foll. by away) decline or waste away, esp. from grief, disease, etc.

2 (usu. foll. by for, after, or to + infin.) long eagerly; yearn.

Etymology: OE pinian, rel. to obs. E pine punishment, f. Gmc f. med.L pena, L poena

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