Meaning of PINE in English

pine 1

— pinelike , adj.

/puyn/ , n.

1. any evergreen, coniferous tree of the genus Pinus, having long, needle-shaped leaves, certain species of which yield timber, turpentine, tar, pitch, etc. Cf. pine family .

2. any of various similar coniferous trees.

3. the wood of the pine tree.

4. Informal. the pineapple.

[ bef. 1000; ME; OE pin pinus ]

pine 2

/puyn/ , v. , pined, pining , n.


1. to yearn deeply; suffer with longing; long painfully (often fol. by for ): to pine for one's home and family.

2. to fail gradually in health or vitality from grief, regret, or longing (often fol. by away ): Separated by their families, the lovers pined away.

3. Archaic. to be discontented; fret.


4. Archaic. to suffer grief or regret over.


5. Archaic. painful longing.

[ bef. 900; ME pinen to torture, torment, inflict pain, be in pain; OE pinian to torture, deriv. of pin torture (ME pine ) pena, L poena punishment. See PAIN ]

Syn. 1. See yearn. 2. dwindle, decline, languish, droop, waste.

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