Meaning of ROW in English

I . *row

/ rəʊ; NAmE roʊ/ noun , verb

—see also row (II)

■ noun


row (of sb/sth) a number of people standing or sitting next to each other in a line; a number of objects arranged in a line :

a row of trees

We sat in a row at the back of the room.

The vegetables were planted in neat rows.


a line of seats in a cinema / movie theater, etc. :

Let's sit in the back row.

Our seats are five rows from the front.


a complete line of stitches in knitting or crochet

—picture at knitting


Row used in the name of some roads :

Manor Row


[ usually sing. ] an act of rowing a boat; the period of time spent doing this :

We went for a row on the lake.

—see also death row , skid row


- in a row

—more at duck noun

■ verb


to move a boat through water using oars (= long wooden poles with flat ends) :

[ v ]

We rowed around the island.

[ vn ]

Grace rowed the boat out to sea again.


[ vn ] to take sb somewhere in a boat with oars :

The fisherman rowed us back to the shore.

II . row

/ raʊ; NAmE / noun , verb

—see also row (I)

■ noun ( informal , especially BrE )


[ C ] row (about / over sth) a serious disagreement between people, organizations, etc. about sth :

A row has broken out over education.


[ C ] a noisy argument between two or more people

SYN quarrel :

She left him after a blazing row .

family rows

He had a row with his son.


[ sing. ] a loud unpleasant noise

SYN din , racket :

Who's making that row?

■ verb

[ v ] row (with sb) ( BrE , informal ) to have a noisy argument :

Mike and Sue are always rowing.

She had rowed with her parents about her boyfriend.



I . noun senses 1 to 4 Old English rāw , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch rij and German Reihe . noun sense 5 and verb Old English rōwan , of Germanic origin; related to rudder ; from an Indo-European root shared by Latin remus oar, Greek eretmon oar.

II . mid 18th cent.: of unknown origin.

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