Meaning of SHAPE in English


/ ʃeɪp; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ C , U ] the form of the outer edges or surfaces of sth; an example of sth that has a particular form :

a rectangular shape

The pool was in the shape of a heart.

The island was originally circular in shape .

Squares, circles and triangles are types of shape.

Candles come in all shapes and sizes .

You can recognize the fish by the shape of their fins.

This old T-shirt has completely lost its shape.

( figurative )

The government provides money in the shape of (= consisting of) grants and student loans.


[ C ] a person or thing that is difficult to see clearly

SYN figure :

Ghostly shapes moved around in the dark.


[ U ] the physical condition of sb/sth :

What sort of shape was the car in after the accident?

He's in good shape for a man of his age.

I like to keep in shape (= keep fit) .


[ U ] the particular qualities or characteristics of sth :

Will new technology change the shape of broadcasting?


- get (yourself) into shape

- get / knock / lick sb into shape

- get / knock / lick sth into shape

- give shape to sth

- in any (way,) shape or form

- out of shape

- the shape of things to come

- take shape

■ verb


[ vn ] shape A (into B) to make sth into a particular shape :

Shape the dough into a ball.

This tool is used for shaping wood.


[ vn ] to have an important influence on the way that sb/sth develops :

His ideas had been shaped by his experiences during the war.

She had a leading role in shaping party policy.


[ v to inf ] to prepare to do sth, especially hit or kick sth :

She was shaping to hit her second shot.


- shape up or ship out


- shape up



Old English gesceap external form , also creation , sceppan create , of Germanic origin.

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