Meaning of SHAPE in English


n. & v.


1. the total effect produced by the outlines of a thing.

2 the external form or appearance of a person or thing.

3 a specific form or guise.

4 a description or sort or way (not on offer in any shape or form).

5 a definite or proper arrangement (must get our ideas into shape).

6 a condition, as qualified in some way (in good shape; in poor shape). b (when unqualified) good condition (back in shape).

7 a person or thing as seen, esp. indistinctly or in the imagination (a shape emerged from the mist).

8 a mould or pattern.

9 a jelly etc. shaped in a mould.

10 a piece of material, paper, etc., made or cut in a particular form.


1. tr. give a certain shape or form to; fashion, create.

2 tr. (foll. by to) adapt or make conform.

3 intr. give signs of a future shape or development.

4 tr. frame mentally; imagine.

5 intr. assume or develop into a shape.

6 tr. direct (one's life, course, etc.).

Phrases and idioms:

lick (or knock) into shape make presentable or efficient. shaSHAPE - abbr. Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe. pe up 1 take a (specified) form.

2 show promise; make good progress. shape up well be promising.


shapable adj. (also shapeable). shaped adj. (also in comb.). shaper n.

Etymology: OE gesceap creation f. Gmc;

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