Meaning of SHUT in English


/ ʃʌt; NAmE / verb , adjective

■ verb ( shut·ting , shut , shut )


to make sth close; to become closed :

[ vn ]

Philip went into his room and shut the door behind him.

I can't shut my suitcase—it's too full.

She shut her eyes and fell asleep immediately.

He shut his book and looked up.

[ v ]

The window won't shut

The doors open and shut automatically.


( BrE ) when a shop / store, restaurant, etc. shuts or when sb shuts it, it stops being open for business and you cannot go into it :

[ v ]

The bank shuts at 4.

[also vn ] ➡ note at close (I)


- shut your mouth / face!

- shut up shop

—more at door , ear , eye noun , mouth noun


- shut sb/sth away

- shut yourself away

- shut down

- shut sth down

- shut sb / yourself in (sth)

- shut sth in sth

- shut off

- shut sth off

- shut yourself off (from sth)

- shut sb/sth off from sth

- shut sb/sth out (of sth)

- shut up

- shut sb up

- shut sth up

- shut sb/sth up (in sth)

■ adjective [ not before noun ]


not open

SYN closed :

The door was shut.

She slammed the door shut.

Keep your eyes shut.


( BrE ) not open for business

SYN closed :

Unfortunately the bank is shut now.



Old English scyttan put (a bolt) in position to hold fast , of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch schutten shut up, obstruct, also to shoot .

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