Meaning of SHUT in English


v. (shutting; past and past part. shut)

1. tr. a move (a door, window, lid, lips, etc.) into position so as to block an aperture (shut the lid). b close or seal (a room, window, box, eye, mouth, etc.) by moving a door etc. (shut the box).

2 intr. become or be capable of being closed or sealed (the door shut with a bang; the lid shuts automatically).

3 intr. & tr. become or make (a shop, business, etc.) closed for trade (the shops shut at five; shuts his shop at five).

4 tr. bring (a book, hand, telescope, etc.) into a folded-up or contracted state.

5 tr. (usu. foll. by in, out) keep (a person, sound, etc.) in or out of a room etc. by shutting a door etc. (shut out the noise; shut them in).

6 tr. (usu. foll. by in) catch (a finger, dress, etc.) by shutting something on it (shut her finger in the door).

7 tr. bar access to (a place etc.) (this entrance is shut).

Phrases and idioms:

be (or get) shut of sl. be (or get) rid of (were glad to get shut of him). shut the door on refuse to consider; make impossible. shut down

1. stop (a factory, nuclear reactor, etc.) from operating.

2 (of a factory etc.) stop operating.

3 push or pull (a window-sash etc.) down into a closed position. shut-down n. the closure of a factory etc. shut-eye colloq. sleep. shut one's eyes (or ears or heart or mind) to pretend not, or refuse, to see (or hear or feel sympathy for or think about). shut in (of hills, houses, etc.) encircle, prevent access etc. to or escape from (were shut in by the sea on three sides) (see also sense 5).

shut off

1. stop the flow of (water, gas, etc.) by shutting a valve.

2 separate from society etc.

shut-off n.

1. something used for stopping an operation.

2 a cessation of flow, supply, or activity.

shut out

1. exclude (a person, light, etc.) from a place, situation, etc.

2 screen (landscape etc.) from view.

3 prevent (a possibility etc.).

4 block (a painful memory etc.) from the mind.

5 US prevent (an opponent) from scoring (see also sense 5). shut-out bid Bridge a pre-emptive bid.

shut to

1. close (a door etc.).

2 (of a door etc.) close as far as it will go.

shut up

1. close all doors and windows of (a house etc.); bolt and bar.

2 imprison (a person).

3 close (a box etc.) securely.

4 colloq. reduce to silence by rebuke etc.

5 put (a thing) away in a box etc.

6 (esp. in imper.) colloq. stop talking.

shut up shop

1. close a business, shop, etc.

2 cease business etc. permanently. shut your face (or head or mouth or trap)! sl. an impolite request to stop talking.

Etymology: OE scyttan f. WG: cf. SHOOT

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