Meaning of TOOTH in English


/ tuːθ; NAmE / noun ( pl. teeth / tiːθ; NAmE /)


any of the hard white structures in the mouth used for biting and chewing food :

I've just had a tooth out at the dentist's.

to brush / clean your teeth

tooth decay

She answered through clenched teeth (= opening her mouth only a little because of anger) .

The cat sank its teeth into his finger.

—picture at face

—see also buck teeth , false teeth , milk tooth , wisdom tooth


a narrow pointed part that sticks out of an object :

the teeth on a saw

—picture at zip

—see also fine-tooth comb


- cut your teeth on sth

- cut a tooth

- get your teeth into sth

- have teeth

- in the teeth of sth

- set sb's teeth on edge

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Old English tōth (plural tēth ), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch tand and German Zahn , from an Indo-European root shared by Latin dent- , Greek odont- .

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