Meaning of TOOTH in English


n. & v.

--n. (pl. teeth)

1. each of a set of hard bony enamel-coated structures in the jaws of most vertebrates, used for biting and chewing.

2 a toothlike part or projection, e.g. the cog of a gearwheel, the point of a saw or comb, etc.

3 (often foll. by for) one's sense of taste; an appetite or liking.

4 (in pl.) force or effectiveness (the penalties give the contract teeth).


1. tr. provide with teeth.

2 intr. (of cog-wheels) engage, interlock.

Phrases and idioms:

armed to the teeth completely and elaborately armed or equipped. fight tooth and nail fight very fiercely. get one's teeth into devote oneself seriously to. in the teeth of

1. in spite of (opposition or difficulty etc.).

2 contrary to (instructions etc.).

3 directly against (the wind etc.). set a person's teeth on edge see EDGE. tooth-billed (of a bird) having toothlike projections on the cutting edges of the bill. tooth-comb fine-tooth comb (see FINE(1)). tooth powder powder for cleaning the teeth. tooth shell tusk shell.


toothed adj. (also in comb.). toothless adj. toothlike adj.

Etymology: OE toth (pl. teth) f. Gmc

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