Meaning of CARD in English


n. 1 playing-card, Slang pasteboard The winning card was the ten of diamonds 2 calling-card, visiting-card, carte de visite, business card Visitors used to leave their cards on the silver tray at the front door 3 greetings card, Christmas card, birthday card, anniversary card, condolence card, Easter card, New Year card I sent Jacquelyn a card for her birthday last year 4 postcard, US postal card Drop me a card when you get there, just so I'll know you're all right 5 index card, file card The names and addresses of our members, formerly held on cards, are now stored in the computer 6 membership card; press card; union card I showed my card at the door and they let me in without any problem 7 dance-card She told me that her dance-card was full - and was likely to be for the next ten years 8 US car-card, window-card, show-card At the cost of a card on the New York buses, we'd never get our money back 9 credit card; bank card You may pay by card or cheque They won't accept your cheque without a card. 10 identity or identification card, I.D. (card) The police asked to see my card 11 joker, prankster, practical joker, wag, humorist, comedian, funny man That Oscar - he's quite a card, isn't he? 12 on or esp US in the cards. destined, fated, slated, in the offing; likely, probable, possible, liable I doubt that a change of government is on the cards for some time to come 13 play one's cards right, well, badly, etc. act, behave, take action; plan, use strategy If Francis plays his cards right, he may be made head of department when Mark leaves 14 put or lay one's cards on the table or show one's cards. act openly, reveal all, be forthright, be direct, be open, be honest, be unsecretive, Colloq come clean I'm going to put my cards on the table, and let you know all my plans

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