Meaning of CARD in English


I. ˈkärd, ˈkȧd transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English carden, from Middle French carder, from carde

1. : to cleanse, disentangle, and collect together (as animal or vegetable fibers) by the use of a card preparatory to spinning, the process being used to prepare fibers of relatively short length — compare comb vt 1b

2. obsolete : to stir together and mix as if by combing together with a card

3. : to torture by drawing a wool card or similar instrument over the bare back or other part of the body

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English carde, from Middle French, from Late Latin cardus thistle, from Latin carduus — more at chard

1. : an implement (as a wire brush) for raising a nap on cloth


a. : a hand instrument for cleaning, disentangling, and ordering animal or vegetable fibers preparatory to spinning usually consisting of bent wire teeth set closely in rows in a thick piece of leather fastened to a back

b. : carding machine

III. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English carde, modification of Middle French carte, probably from Old Italian carta, literally, leaf of paper, from Latin charta leaf of papyrus, from Greek chartēs


a. : playing card

b. : a playing card considered in terms of its rank, value, or function

a high card

a trump card

especially : a relatively high or valuable card

they had all the cards

I didn't hold a card

2. cards plural but sometimes singular in construction

a. : a game played with cards : card playing

lose a fortune at cards

b. : the winning of a majority of the cards in certain games (as casino)

give three points for cards

c. : playing cards used for fortunetelling or to reveal what is destined to be

read the cards correctly

— used especially with in or on

it is not in the cards for him to win the election

3. : something compared to a valuable playing card in one's hand : an act, fact, force, or means advantageous to the attainment of an object

hold strong cards in the negotiations

4. : an amusing person : one given to freakish, clownish, or uninhibited behavior : an amateur comedian : wag


a. obsolete : chart

a card of the sea

b. : compass card


a. : a flat stiff piece of paper or thin paperboard suitable for writing or printing, typically small and rectangular, and carrying (1) a communication for transmission by mail (as a postcard), (2) an invitation or announcement

wedding card

graduation card

(3) a person's or firm's name or name and address (as a visiting card), (4) a certification of membership, reference, or credential (as in a labor union or political party), (5) a record (as a unit in a system of filing or sorting)

the information was punched on cards

b. : a piece of paper or thin paperboard having any of a variety of shapes and formats and bearing a greeting or a message of sentiment, sympathy, or congratulation

birthday card

c. : program ; especially : a sports program

racing card

boxing card

d. : a tally sheet (as for a player's golf score) : scorecard


(1) : a wine list

(2) : menu

f. : store card

g. : a number of articles attached to a piece of stiff paper or bound together in a flat sheet to be sold as a unit

a card of buttons

h. : cardboard

7. : a published note (as in a newspaper) containing a brief statement, request, or advertisement

8. : any of the perforated boards or plates in a dobby or a jacquard loom for operating the successive combinations of wires that move the warp threads

9. slang : a single portion of a narcotic drug

IV. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

intransitive verb

archaic : to play cards — sometimes used with it

card it all night — Henry Fielding

transitive verb

1. : to place or fasten on or by means of a card

his name was carded upon three staterooms — E.A.Poe

2. : to provide with a card : attach a card to

3. : to enter or list on a card

4. sports : score ; specifically : to record (a score) upon a scorecard

golfers who carded 80 on an 18-hole course

5. : schedule

card a train

6. : slip V 2

V. abbreviation

Usage: usually capitalized


VI. noun

1. : credit card

2. : a flat stiff piece of material (as plastic) bearing electronic circuit components for insertion into a larger electronic device (as a computer)

3. : an issue especially with emotional appeal that is brought into play to achieve a desired end (as a campaign victory)

played the race card

VII. transitive verb

: to ask for identification (as in a bar)

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