Meaning of DATE in English


n. 1 time, year, season, period, day; age, era, epoch, stage, phase These artefacts are from an earlier date than was first supposed 2 appointment, meeting, engagement, rendezvous, assignation, tryst; fixture She already has a date for Saturday night 3 escort, companion, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, girl, woman, boy, man, swain, beau, lover, Colloq steady Bob is Sally's date for the dance 4 out of date. old-fashioned, old, ancient, archaic, antiquated, dated, passé, outmoded, obsolete, obsolescent, Colloq old hat This timetable is out of date Why do you wear those out of date clothes? 5 up to date. modern, latest, current, contemporary, à la mode, fashionable, Colloq trendy Her taste in music is quite up to date Use this up-to-date edition of the encyclopedia.

v. 6 show one's age, make obsolete or obsolescent or old-fashioned That pompadour hair-do really dates her 7 entertain, escort, go out (with), go steady (with) Does Michael still date Patsy? Those two are still dating

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