Meaning of FIT in English


adj. 1 fitting, appropriate, fitted, suitable, suited, adapted, apt, meet, apropos, applicable; befitting, becoming, convenient, proper, right, correct, fitting Those books are not fit for children It's not a fit night out for man or beast. 2 prepared, ready, able, capable, qualified, worthy, right, adequate The question is, is such a man fit to lead men into battle? 3 healthy, well, hale, hearty, stalwart, vigorous, strong, sturdy, robust, strapping, able-bodied, in good shape or trim or condition, in fine fettle Is she fit enough to run in the marathon? 4 ready, angry, troubled, upset, inclined, disposed, ready or likely or about to, exhausted enough: I worked till I was fit to drop Mr Barrett was coughing fit to burst.

v. 5 befit, suit, become, be suited to, be suitable or appropriate for, answer, satisfy This computer program does not fit my needs 6 join, conform, go (together), match, correspond, dovetail, tally I cannot make the parts fit 7 adjust, modify, change, adapt, alter, accommodate, shape, fashion You will just have to fit your schedule to conform to ours 8 equip, supply, furnish, provide, outfit, fit out or up, install or instal, rig out, gear up I am having my boat fitted with radar

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