Meaning of INSIDE in English


n. 1 interior, centre, core, middle, heart; contents; lining, backing From the outside one could never guess what the inside looks like Please paint the inside of the cabinet blue. 2 Usually, insides. bowels, entrails, viscera, gut(s), stomach, Colloq innards He has had trouble with his insides for years 3 inside out. everted, reversed; backwards He is wearing his pullover inside out

adj. 4 favoured, advantageous, favourable, advantaged, privileged, preferred, preferential, propitious, exclusive; internal, private, secret, confidential, privy, clandestine She has an inside track to the chairman He claims to have inside information about the successful bidder. 5 internal, interior; arranged, prearranged The police think it was an inside job

adv. 6 fundamentally, basically, at bottom, by nature Despite her gruff exterior, inside she is quite sentimental 7 in prison, in jail or Brit also gaol, imprisoned, incarcerated, Slang Brit in quod, US up the river He'll be inside for another five years

prep. 8 within, US inside of Because of rain, the party was held inside the building

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