Meaning of INSIDE in English


I. (ˈ)in| ̷ ̷, ənˈ ̷ ̷ noun

Etymology: in (IV) + side

1. : an inner side or surface: as

a. : the right side of a sword in fencing

b. : the part of a footpath or sidewalk furthest from an adjoining roadway

c. : the concave aspect of a curve

d. : the side of home plate nearer the batter in baseball

2. : an interior or internal portion or content : the part within: as

a. : inward nature, mind, thoughts, or feeling

b. : the inner parts of the body ; usually : viscera , entrails — usually used in plural

c. : an inside passenger or seat (as in a stagecoach)

3. : the middle or principal part of a division of time

the inside of a week

4. insides plural : the 18 first-quality quires between the outside quires of a ream of writing or drawing paper ; broadly : reams of which all quires or sheets are of first quality — compare outside


a. : a situation in which information not generally available may be obtained : a position of trust and confidence

he was on the inside in all those deals

only someone on the inside could have told

b. slang : information not generally available : confidential information

has the inside on what happened at the convention

6. or inside forward

a. : inside left

b. : inside right

II. adjective


a. : of, relating to, or being on the inside

an inside wall

inside views

b. : included or enclosed in something

the inside furnishings

c. : used inside

inside clothing

d. : measured from within usually so as to include the cavity but not the substance

inside diameter

2. : employed or working indoors

kept both an inside man and a gardener


a. : relating or known to a select group : coming from an assuredly informed source

inside information

b. : placed in an organization as an undercover representative of an actually or potentially antagonistic interest

party inside men in the unions

4. of a union : representing the employees of a single employer

Synonyms: see inner

III. preposition


a. : within the boundaries of : in the interior of

waited inside the church

pain originating inside the muscle

b. : on the inner side of

place the dot inside the curve

2. : before the end of

answered inside an hour

IV. adverb

: on or in the inside : internally , within

a house that was spotlessly clean both inside and outside

stayed inside during the storm

V. noun

1. : the middle portion of a playing area

2. : the area near or underneath the basket in basketball

VI. adverb

: in prison

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