Meaning of PRIME in English


adj. 1 See primary, 1, above. 2 best, foremost, chief; first-rate, first-class, choice, select, superior, pre-eminent, leading, ranking, predominant, unparalleled, matchless, peerless, noteworthy, outstanding, admirable, worthy, exceptional, excellent, extraordinary, exceptional She is a prime example of the results of a modern education Arthur is certainly a prime candidate for the position. 3 original, fundamental, basic, elemental, elementary The prime cause of scurvy is lack of fresh fruit and vegetables

n. 4 youth, springtime; best years, heyday, pinnacle, acme, peak, zenith Some people reach the prime of life at 60

v. 5 (make or get) ready, prepare, educate, teach, instruct, coach, train, tutor, drill Has Sonia been fully primed to take over the chairmanship when Sir William steps down? 6 inform, advise, notify, apprise, brief: Having read your book, I am fully primed on American history

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