Meaning of THROUGH in English


prep. 1 because of, on account of, owing to, as a consequence or result of, by virtue of, via, be means of, by way of, with the aid or help of, under the aegis or auspices of, Sometimes non-standard due to It was through his good graces that I got the appointment 2 during, throughout, in the course or middle of The dog barked all through the night 3 inclusive of, including When I say 'the third through the sixth' I mean 'including the sixth' 4 to; into I went through a lot of trouble to find this book

adj. 5 Often, through with. done (with), finished (with); at the end of one's tether (with), washing (one's) hands (of) Let me know when you are through How many times has she sworn she was through with him forever?

adv. 6 by, past I am just passing through 7 entirely, through and through, completely, thoroughly, totally, wholly, utterly, fully, to the core, from head to foot or toe, from top to bottom, from stem to stern, from one end to the other, in every way, in all respects By the time I got home, I was soaked through

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