Meaning of VERY in English

adv. 1 extremely, truly, really, to a great extent, exceedingly, greatly, (very) much, profoundly, deeply, acutely, unusually, extraordinarily, uncommonly, exceptionally, remarkably, absolutely, completely, entirely, altogether, totally, quite, rather, hugely, vastly, Dialect right, Brit jolly, Colloq damn(ed), terribly, awfully, darned, US dialect danged, plumb, Slang Brit bleeding , Chiefly Brit bloody The Bell Inn has a very fine wine list Vicky was very attached to her pony. I shall be there very soon. 2 most, extremely, certainly, surely, definitely, decidedly, unequivocally, unquestionably, quite, entirely, altogether If you ask her out, she is very likely to say no

adj. 3 exact, precise, perfect; same, selfsame, identical, particular Her hopes were the very opposite of his I arrived the very day she left. He is the very model of a hard-working student. 4 least, mere, merest, bare, barest, sheer, sheerest; utter, pure, simple The very thought of war makes me ill The very mention of her name strikes terror into the hearts of the local residents.

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