Meaning of VERY in English

adv. & adj.


1. in a high degree (did it very easily; had a very bad cough; am very much better).

2 in the fullest sense (foll. by own or superl. adj.: at the very latest; do your very best; my very own room).


1. real, true, actual; truly such (usu. prec. by the, this, his, etc. emphasizing identity, significance, or extreme degree: the very thing we need; those were his very words).

2 archaic real, genuine (very God).

Phrases and idioms:

not very

1. in a low degree.

2 far from being. very good (or well) a formula of consent or approval. very high frequency (of radio frequency) in the range 30-300 megahertz. Very Reverend the title of a dean. the very same see SAME.

Etymology: ME f. OF verai ult. f. L verus true

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