Meaning of BOAT in English


n. & v.


1. a small vessel propelled on water by an engine, oars, or sails.

2 (in general use) a ship of any size.

3 an elongated boat-shaped jug used for holding sauce etc.

--v.intr. travel or go in a boat, esp. for pleasure.

Phrases and idioms:

boat-hook a long pole with a hook and a spike at one end, for moving boats. boat-house a shed at the edge of a river, lake, etc., for housing boats. boat people refugees who have left a country by sea. boat race a race between rowing crews, esp. (Boat Race) the one between Oxford and Cambridge. boat-train a train scheduled to meet or go on a boat. in the same boat sharing the same adverse circumstances. push the boat out colloq. celebrate lavishly.


boatful n. (pl. -fuls).

Etymology: OE bat f. Gmc

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