Meaning of BROWN in English


adj., n., & v.


1. having the colour produced by mixing red, yellow, and black, as of dark wood or rich soil.

2 dark-skinned or suntanned.

3 (of bread) made from a dark flour as wholemeal or wheatmeal.

4 (of species or varieties) distinguished by brown coloration.


1. a brown colour or pigment.

2 brown clothes or material (dressed in brown).

3 (in a game or sport) a brown ball, piece, etc.

4 (prec. by the) Brit. a brown mass of flying game-birds. & intr. make or become brown by cooking, sunburn, etc.

Phrases and idioms:

brown ale a dark, mild, bottled beer. brown bear a large N. American brown bear, Ursus arctos. brown coal LIGNITE. browned off Brit. sl. fed up, disheartened. brown fat a dark-coloured adipose tissue with a rich supply of blood vessels. brown holland see HOLLAND. brown owl

1. any of various owls, esp. the tawny owl.

2 (Brown Owl) an adult leader of a Brownie Guides pack. brown rice unpolished rice with only the husk of the grain removed. Brown-shirt a Nazi; a member of a fascist organization. brown sugar unrefined or partially refined sugar. in a brown study see STUDY.


brownish adj. brownness n. browny adj.

Etymology: OE brun f. Gmc

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