Meaning of COMMITTEE in English

n.1 a a body of persons appointed for a specific function by, and usu. out of, a larger body. b such a body appointed by Parliament etc. to consider the details of proposed legislation. c (Committee) Brit. the whole House of Commons when sitting as a committee.

2 Law a person entrusted with the charge of another person or another person's property.

Phrases and idioms:

committee-man (pl. -men; fem. committee-woman, pl. -women) a member of a committee, esp. a habitual member of committees. committee stage Brit. the third of five stages of a bill's progress through Parliament when it may be considered in detail and amendments made. select committee a small parliamentary committee appointed for a special purpose. standing committee a committee that is permanent during the existence of the appointing body.

Etymology: COMMIT + -EE

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