Meaning of COMMITTEE in English


com ‧ mit ‧ tee S3 W1 /kəˈmɪti/ BrE AmE noun

[ Date: 1600-1700 ; Origin: committee 'person something is committed to' (15-17 centuries) , from commit ]

[ countable also + plural verb British English ] a group of people chosen to do a particular job, make decisions etc

committee of

the International Committee of the Red Cross

committee on

a ministerial committee on security affairs

on a committee

He’s on the finance committee.

a committee meeting

• • •


■ verbs

▪ a committee meets (=has a meeting)

The environmental health committee will meet again next Wednesday.

▪ be on a committee (=be a member of a committee)

I was on the parents' committee at my kids' school.

▪ serve/sit on a committee (=be a member of an important committee)

Our organization is always in need of volunteers to serve on the committee.

▪ chair a committee (=be the person in charge of a committee)

Professor Peacock was appointed to chair the committee.

▪ appoint/set up/form a committee

The council appointed a special committee to study the issue.

▪ join a committee

I was invited to join a committee to plan the summer carnival.

▪ leave a committee

After three years, she decided to leave the committee.

▪ stand down from a committee (=leave it)

Everyone was sorry when he stood down from the committee.

■ committee + NOUN

▪ a committee meeting

There's a committee meeting once a month.

▪ a committee member

Four committee members did not attend the meeting.

▪ the committee chairman/chair

There will be a new committee chairman next year.

■ ADJECTIVES/NOUN + committee

▪ a special committee

A special committee of scientists was set up to study the disease.

▪ an executive committee (=that manages an organization and makes decisions for it)

He sat on the firm's Executive Committee.

▪ an advisory committee

a government advisory committee

▪ a standing committee (=a permanent one)

▪ a joint committee (=involving two or more groups)

▪ a steering committee (=one that directs a particular activity)

▪ a select committee (=one of politicians and advisers who look at a particular subject)

▪ a management committee

The scheme will be overseen by a management committee.

▪ a government/departmental/ministerial committee

▪ a planning committee British English (=one that considers requests to build new buildings)

Several concerns were raised at the planning committee.

▪ the finance/education etc committee

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