Meaning of MARK in English


1. n. & v.


1. a trace, sign, stain, scar, etc., on a surface, face, page, etc.

2 (esp. in comb.) a a written or printed symbol (exclamation mark; question mark). b a numerical or alphabetical award denoting excellence, conduct, proficiency, etc. (got a good mark for effort; gave him a black mark; gained

46 marks out of 50).

3 (usu. foll. by of) a sign or indication of quality, character, feeling, etc. (took off his hat as a mark of respect).

4 a a sign, seal, etc., used for distinction or identification. b a cross etc. made in place of a signature by an illiterate person.

5 a a target, object, goal, etc. (missed the mark with his first play). b a standard for attainment (his work falls below the mark).

6 a line etc. indicating a position; a marker.

7 (usu. Mark) (followed by a numeral) a particular design, model, etc., of a car, aircraft, etc. (this is the Mark 2 model).

8 a runner's starting-point in a race.

9 Naut. a piece of material etc. used to indicate a position on a sounding-line.

10 a Rugby Football a heel-mark on the ground made by a player who has caught the ball direct from a kick, knock-on, or throw-forward by an opponent. b Austral. Rules the catching before it reaches the ground of a ball kicked at least ten metres; the spot from which the subsequent kick is taken.

11 sl. the intended victim of a swindler etc.

12 Boxing the pit of the stomach.

13 hist. a tract of land held in common by a Teutonic or medieval German village community.

1. a make a mark on (a thing or person), esp. by writing, cutting, scraping, etc. b put a distinguishing or identifying mark, initials, name, etc., on (clothes etc.) (marked the tree with their initials).

2 a allot marks to; correct (a student's work etc.). b record (the points gained in games etc.).

3 attach a price to (goods etc.) (marked the doll at 50p).

4 (often foll. by by) show or manifest (displeasure etc.) (marked his anger by leaving early).

5 notice or observe (she marked his agitation).

6 a characterize or be a feature of (the day was marked by storms). b acknowledge, recognize, celebrate (marked the occasion with a toast).

7 name or indicate (a place on a map, the length of a syllable, etc.) by a sign or mark.

8 characterize (a person or a thing) as (marked them as weak).

9 a Brit. keep close to so as to prevent the free movement of (an opponent in sport). b Austral. Rules catch (the ball).

10 (as marked adj.) having natural marks (is marked with silver spots).

11 (of a graduated instrument) show, register (so many degrees etc.).

12 US & Austral. castrate (a lamb).

Phrases and idioms:

one's mark colloq.

1. what one prefers.

2 an opponent, object, etc., of one's own size, calibre, etc. (the little one's more my mark).

beside (or off or wide of) the mark

1. not to the point; irrelevant.

2 not accurate. make one's mark attain distinction. mark down 1 mark (goods etc.) at a lower price.

2 make a written note of.

3 choose (a person) as one's victim. mark-down n. a reduction in price. mark off (often foll. by from) separate (one thing from another) by a boundary etc. (marked off the subjects for discussion). mark of mouth a depression in a horse's incisor indicating age.

mark out

1. plan (a course of action etc.).

2 destine (marked out for success).

3 trace out boundaries, a course, etc.

mark time

1. Mil. march on the spot, without moving forward.

2 act routinely; go through the motions.

3 await an opportunity to advance.

mark up

1. mark (goods etc.) at a higher price.

2 mark or correct (text etc.) for typesetting or alteration.

mark-up n.

1. the amount added to the cost price of goods to cover overhead charges, profit, etc.

2 the corrections made in marking up text. mark you please note (without obligation, mark you).

off the mark

1. having made a start.

2 beside the mark. of mark noteworthy. on the mark ready to start. on your mark (or marks) (as an instruction) get ready to start (esp. a race). up to the mark reaching the usual or normal standard, esp. of health.

Etymology: OE me(a)rc (n.), mearcian (v.), f. Gmc 2. n.1 a DEUTSCHE MARK. b OSTMARK.

2 hist. a a denomination of weight for gold and silver. b English money of account.

Etymology: OE marc, prob. rel. to med.L marca, marcus

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