Meaning of -Y in English



suffix forming adjectives:

1. from nouns and adjectives, meaning: a full of; having the quality of (messy; icy; horsy). b addicted to (boozy).

2 from verbs, meaning 'inclined to', 'apt to' (runny; sticky).

Etymology: from or after OE - ig f. Gmc 2.

suffix (also -ey, -ie) forming diminutive nouns, pet names, etc. (granny; Sally; nightie; Mickey).

Etymology: ME (orig. Sc.) 3.

suffix forming nouns denoting:

1. state, condition, or quality (courtesy; orthodoxy; modesty).

2 an action or its result (colloquy; remedy; subsidy).

Etymology: from or after F -ie f. L -ia, -ium, Gk -eia, -ia: cf. -ACY, -ERY, -GRAPHY, and others

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