Meaning of YOU in English

pron. (obj. you; poss. your, yours)

1. used with reference to the person or persons addressed or one such person and one or more associated persons.

2 (as int. with a noun) in an exclamatory statement (you fools!).

3 (in general statements) one, a person, anyone, or everyone (it's bad at first, but you get used to it).

Phrases and idioms:

you-all US colloq. you (usu. more than one person). you and yours you together with your family, property, etc. you-know-what (or -who) something or someone unspecified but understood.

Etymology: OE eow accus. & dative of ge YE(1) f. WG: supplanting ye because of the more frequent use of the obj. case, and thou and thee as the more courteous form

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